Here are a few suggestions about places to eat/places I want to try while in Copenhagen. I’m going to update this as the semester progresses, because I thought it would be super helpful for more students in the future!

**Just as a side note, most of these places will be around $10-15 for a meal. It’s very hard to find meals cheaper than this, but everything is so worth the price!

  • Reffen food hall: this is a MUST–Reffen literally is one of the coolest food halls I have been to. They have something for everyone and it is only open until mid-October, so if you come in the fall make sure you go before then! I got a burger from Miss Mums and parmesan fries (I am not sure which stall it was from, sorry!)
  • Bæst: an amazing pizza restaurant! Best pizza I’ve ever had, hands down. I would recommend going during lunch–I’ve heard it gets pretty crowded at dinner. It’s not that expensive if you share!
  • Torvehallerne aka the Glass market. Such a cool experience. It’s a mixture of produce stalls and restaurant stalls!
  • Bolten food hall: a new food hall place that opened up near Kongens Nytorv–I got some pad thai which was so delicious
  • The Coffee Collective: an infamous Copenhagen coffee chain, but is literally best cappuccino I’ve had in my life. I usually don’t like coffee because it’s too bitter, but I loved this!
  • Tivoli food stations/food hall: really a cool variety of food, you will spend a lot, but it’s a really great experience with friends and has so many snack and meal options
  • Any all you can eat sushi place!: my host sister has taken me out to one of these and although they are usually 200 DKK, you really get a lot out of your meal, and it’s very delicious
  • Studenterhuset: discount coffee shop, where DIS is a member. You can get a coffee and croissant for 15 kr, which is a STEAL in Copenhagen
  • Restaurant Flammen: if you’re looking for a little more of an expensive and fancier meal. It’s a buffet styled restaurant that has 15+ kinds of meats!!
  • Pronto Italiano: super affordable (around 45 DKK) and yummy sandwiches–the guy who makes them is very nice. Near DIS!
  • Cock’s & Cows: little bit of a cheat, because I have only had this while in Tivoli, but their burger was so amazing. I have friends that went to a different location for brunch and they said it was life-changing
  • Any hot dog stand — get the red sausage and ALL the toppings (recommendation from my host family)!
  • McDonald’s Chili Cheese tops: okkk, I know it’s not a place but a thing, but it deserves to be on this list. Literally so amazing, cheap (10 kr for 3), and are an upgraded version of jalapeño poppers

Places/Things I want to try: