Nick visits!! // Week 9

This past week has been one of my favorites while at DIS, most importantly because my boyfriend was visiting me for the whole week! I had been looking forward to this for weeks and it was so great to come back from study tour and have him visit. **** BEWARE long blog :/ **** Sunday … Continue reading Nick visits!! // Week 9

Long Study Tour // Poznań

I'm back again with the second half of my study tour with my Medical Practice & Policy core course!! Boy, I hope you guys are ready for the info I have for you today. Visiting the hospitals in Poznań was such an interesting, chaotic, and incredible experience. We were able to visit a Gynecology & … Continue reading Long Study Tour // Poznań

Core Course Week // Days 4&5 + weekend fun!

The last two days of core course week were pretty chill and undemanding. We only had a few things to do, unlike the previous days which were pretty jam-packed. I also thought I would include the weekend since there wasn't much to the last few days! Thursday We completed a Patient Trajectory Workshop that allowed … Continue reading Core Course Week // Days 4&5 + weekend fun!