Venice and Budapest // Week 11

The past week I traveled to Venice and Budapest with my friends! We are given two weeks of 'travel' at DIS. During one of the travel weeks, you travel with your core course and the other you can choose to do with it what you want! Some people stay in Copenhagen, some travel for half … Continue reading Venice and Budapest // Week 11

Long Study Tour // Poznań

I'm back again with the second half of my study tour with my Medical Practice & Policy core course!! Boy, I hope you guys are ready for the info I have for you today. Visiting the hospitals in Poznań was such an interesting, chaotic, and incredible experience. We were able to visit a Gynecology & … Continue reading Long Study Tour // Poznań

Core Course Week // Days 4&5 + weekend fun!

The last two days of core course week were pretty chill and undemanding. We only had a few things to do, unlike the previous days which were pretty jam-packed. I also thought I would include the weekend since there wasn't much to the last few days! Thursday We completed a Patient Trajectory Workshop that allowed … Continue reading Core Course Week // Days 4&5 + weekend fun!