Hej, everyone!

Welcome to my blog following my study abroad adventures in Copenhagen, Denmark!

My name is Alicia and I am from Shreveport, Louisiana. I am currently a junior at Bowdoin College, a small liberal arts college in Brunswick, Maine, and I am pursuing a major in Biochemistry with a minor in Dance. Coming from the hot and humid climate in Louisiana, living in Maine has been a chilling and refreshing experience that I hope will continue in Denmark. Also while in Copenhagen, I will be staying with a wonderful host family, and I hope to make many memories with them by the end of the semester!

Back at Bowdoin, I am involved with a variety of activities. I am in a jazz/contemporary dance group, I am a coxswain on my school’s rowing team, and I am a math tutor at a local elementary school. My passion for science, medicine, and the arts are what drew me to DIS Copenhagen’s Medical Practice and Policy program, and I cannot wait to begin studying in this city. The courses I will be taking are:

  • Human Health and Disease: A Clinical Approach (my core course)
  • Immunology
  • Holocaust and Genocide
  • Danish Language and Culture
  • Photojournalism

The opportunities DIS will be providing for us throughout the semester are amazing! I will be traveling to Berlin/Poznan with my core course to learn more about the health care system in these cities, and I will also be traveling to a concentration camp with my class Holocaust and Genocides. I cannot wait to travel and learn more about so many new cultures, as well as meet other students from around the world. I am also curious to see how my picky tastebuds react to Danish food!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about DIS!