Because my last post was SO long, I thought I would make this update pretty brief and just give you guys the highlights of my week!


  1. Exploring Nørrebro and the Botanical Gardens with my friend Kara (who also has a blog, check it out)

After a pretty stressful first half of the week due to an Immunology test, my friend Kara and I decided to take advantage of having no field studies on Wednesday to explore parts of Copenhagen we hadn’t been to before!

We went to the Botanical Gardens, which is actually super close to DIS, so I have no clue why we hadn’t been to it sooner. The place was so cool, they even had a butterfly exhibit! My friend Kara was so happy, because she loves plants and the outside area was absolutely beautiful because of the fall foliage. I think we went at the absolute best time because of this.

We also explored Nørrebro, a neighborhood in Copenhagen. Kara and I found a gluten-free bakery for her to get some bread and I got some tasty treats for us to share. We also went to a vegan ice cream shop and I got peanut butter ice cream and it was amazing. Last on our list was the infamous Superkilin, which is basically a small park with stripes on the ground. A lot of people we know had taken pictures here before, but honestly when we got there it was a little underwhelming… other than that we got some cool photos out of it and had a fun time finding other interesting parks along the way!

I ended the day with another zumba class with my host mom, which was an absolute blast and got me motivated to start exercising again. On Thursday I actually went running with a group of beginner runners and it went really well, so I’m hoping I can keep this up!

2. My Bowdoin Host Dad visiting!

Back at Bowdoin, we actually have a community host program and because I moved from Louisiana to Maine, I applied to be in the program to help adjust to the new environment. It’s a really great way to feel like a have a second family while I’m at college and I have really appreciated having this connection while in school. I think this is one of the reasons I decided to have a host family in Denmark, I feel a much greater connection to the place when I am able to find a ‘family’ wherever I am. I think I’ll make another post a little later on my choice for homestay over a kollegium (Dane and American apartments), etc. if people are interested in that!

Back to my host dad visiting! My Bowdoin host dad, Al, works in Copenhagen a few times a year for business and was in town the past week, so he invited me to lunch on Nyhavn to catch up! It was actually so nice to see a familiar face in this setting, and I think it really helped me feel not as homesick, because someone from back home was visiting me. My mom isn’t coming to Copenhagen while I’m here, so I can get a little homesick at times, but things like this make me forget completely about it.

We talked about what had happened in the past few months, where I’d been, where I hoped to go, and we also got into an interesting chat about the Danish language (about how hard the language is to learn!). Al has been visiting Copenhagen for the past seven years and has really found this place to be like a second home. Another interesting thing Al mentioned to me was that in college, he said he would never travel the world, just the states. But now that he’s older, he’s lived in Singapore, Japan, and comes to Copenhagen many times a year. It’s amazing how much your life can change from college and beyond, I’m interested to see where I am fifty years from now… I hope I’ve traveled the world as much as Al and his wife have 🙂

3. Queen of Spades and my second photoshoot with Benedicte!

On Tuesday, I was lucky enough to find an extra ticket (through another student’s Danish class) to see the Royal Danish Ballet’s ballet the Queen of Spades. This was such a breathtaking experience. The ballet dancers are so beautiful and dedicated, and the set for the ballet was so intricate and modern. My experience was exponentially heightened because of the set… SO cool. I highly recommend trying to see a ballet at one point in your semester at DIS, I am planning on getting tickets to The Nutcracker too, hopefully! If you hear that Danish classes are going to a ballet and yours isn’t, just reach out, they might have extra tickets!!

I also had my second photoshoot with Benedicte! I got to go backstage where she was putting her makeup and costume on for the performance later that day. I also got to see the company warm-up class. All the dancers are so amazing, it really made me miss dancing back at school…

I had such a fun, yet relaxing week… which is great because this next week is absolutely jam-packed because we have our second travel week. My friends and I are traveling to Venice and Budapest. So stayed tuned for our adventures there!

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