Hi everyone!! So today is gonna be pretty short of a post because there wasn’t much that went on this past week, but this week is going to be quite a lot of fun because I am going to Berlin and Poznan with my core course Medical Practice & Policy! So stay tuned for those blogs. I think I’m going to post two for the week. One for in Berlin and another in Poznan!


So throughout the week I was pretty busy but mainly with school things. Monday was a pretty long day because there was a delay in the trains. A cord had been snapped in Hellerup so my train commute took two and a half hours!!!!! And in addition to that, my commute was after my double lecture for MPP, so I didn’t get home until 9 :(. Honestly I was ok with it, but it’s days like these where I really don’t like the transit. Good thing was our double lecture was in Cardiology, which was super interesting and I loved learning about it!

Another cool thing about today was I was able to get coffee with my Holocaust & Genocide professor to speak about my thesis statement. He was so approachable to talk about my subject and I really appreciate this about DIS teachers. We ended up talking about the Rwandan genocide and I’ve landed on a thesis about forgiveness and reconciliation in Rwanda after the genocide. I’ll touch on more of that later in the semester!


On Tuesday I also had a 2+ hour commute and ended up being 45 min late to my danish class because of the unpredictable transit time. What a start to the day! Other than that pretty ordinary back-to-back classes. Later that night my host sister and I did face masks and had a girls night 🙂 we watched Hitch, which we had never seen before!

Face masks with EJ!


On Wednesday I went into Copenhagen early to meet with our teacher’s assistant in MPP and Aidan! We are both the class reps in the course so we met to talk about about the class was going, what could be done to improve, and if there was anything we thought we should add! Really great that DIS has these kind of meetings. We met at the Coffee Collective, which was honestly so amazing seeing that I don’t really like coffee… I got a cappuccino and it was one of the best I’ve ever had. Definitely recommend–it’s supposedly the best place to get coffee in Copenhagen.

Afterwards, Aidan and I went to her kollegium to make a cake for class the next day–it was our turn on the cake list!! We chose a very danish cake “Drømmekage” or dream cake. My host family recommended us to make this because it’s so delicious! It’s yellow cake with a sort of coconut, sugary top. Sooo yummy.

Then in the afternoon I had a field study for Photojournalism! We were able to learn how to use our camera and implement the types of photos we learned about in class (portrait, action, direction, etc.). Really helpful class because I had recently started borrowing my friend’s camera, which is a lot better than mine. I know the DIS website says you just need a regular camera to take this class, but I think it’s a lot easier and more enjoyable if you have a good quality camera. Rest of the day was pretty chill!

Cappuccino from the Coffee Collective

Our dream cakes!!

One of the pictures I took on my field study focusing on getting a different point of view


Big highlight of Thursday was Aidan and I were able to bring our cake to our MPP class. It was a huge hit–even our teacher had to take a Snapchat of it and send to his friends to make them jealous!! The secret behind making a delicious dream cake (given to me by my host dad) is to double the topping recipe and keep the cake recipe the same. This definitely made our cake so tasty. I’m 100% going to make this for my family when I go home.

When I got home that night I studied with my host sister for my Danish quiz the next day, which was super helpful. It’s really been great having her help me study danish! I think that I’ve gotten a lot better at the language that I would’ve normally because I have someone to hear me talk at home.


On Friday I woke up to start singing happy birthday to my wonderful host mom! We swayed around the Danish flag and brought her into the dining area to have her eat breakfast and open presents before I had to leave for my Danish test in the morning. It was so cute and my host mom loved EJ and I’s gift, which was contained in a hilarious baby head we found at Flying Tiger (a super cheap store in Copenhagen that sells really quirky and unique products).

When I got to school I had my danish test, which wasn’t very bad and pretty straight forward.

I then had my photojournalism class, where were able to visit the World Press Photo Exhibit–a show that actually lets us see photojournalism in action! We were lucky that it was in Copenhagen at this time. Really some great photos and stories.

In immunology, my professor booked a table at a local cafe and we had class inside a cafe again!! Such a great and intimate experience for this class. I really feel like a get a lot more out of these cafe sessions and it makes it a lot easier to ask our teacher questions. She bigger up all capoincuinos, croissants, and cookies. Such a yummy day!

I then headed back to Hillerød and we got ready for the little get together my host mom was hosting for all her girl friends and us! We ordered some sushi and my host mom had prepared a few Thai dishes. Really a great night! I got to meet more of my host mom’s friends and her mother! It was so great to see some familiar faces and have fun with my host family. EJ, Emma (a friend of EJs), and I even went to a concert that night in Hillerød to see some Danish artists perform. I didn’t really know any of their songs expect for one: “Gonzo.” Which I definitely recommend looking up the translation… it’s pretty hilarious.

Set up we had for my host mom’s birthday breakfast. If you look closely you can see EJ and I’s baby head lol

One of the photos at the world press exhibit

The birthday girl and one of her good friends Helene!


Saturday was a pretty lazy day. I spent most of the day doing laundry, looking up food tours for Berlin, and packing for my long study tour. It was nice to have a relaxing day after having a pretty long week.


I can’t wait to tell y’all all about my long study tour in Berlin and Poznan. I have already spent one day here and it’s already everything I’ve dreamed of! I took a cinema studies class about Berlin last semester at Bowdoin and it was one of my favorite classes I’ve ever taken. We learned about the rich history of the city and were then able to bring the context into movies made during the distinct periods of time inBerlin. We watched movies like Cabaret and Goodbye, Lenin! I’ve never been a city that I have known so much history about beforehand, so I feel like this is gonna be such a more enriching experience than normal. So please stay tuned to find out more!

I’ll give y’all a little sneak peak into what’s to come…. 🙂

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