Hej everyone! I’m a little late to upload this blog, but I wanted to include my weekend activities too 🙂


Today was a pretty typical DIS day. I had H&G, where we spent most of the class debriefing about the short study tour we had over the weekend (read here if you wanna read about it!). We had a really great discussion–our teacher really cared about how he could improve the trip for upcoming semesters.

After class I got lunch with Aidan (my friend from my core course!) and we then studied near DIS, because our classroom had been changed from the hospital to DIS! Our class today was about respiratory diseases. It was a pretty interesting class, I didn’t know much about these kind of diseases (COPD, asthma) as well as the actual process of breathing, so it provided me with a good foundation for future learnings!

The delicious and cheap sandwiches Aidan and I got at a local sandwich shop!

After class, my core course actually went to a local bar for a mini-social. It was fun to hear about everyone’s plans for the weekend. SO many people were planning to attend Oktoberfest in Munich. Personally, I don’t really enjoy beer and didn’t want to spend a massive amount of money on something I didn’t really enjoy, but I know a lot of people that went and they has so much fun! After the social, I went home and had some chicken burgers with my host family. EXTREMELY yummy!


Today I had my three back-to-back classes! I really dislike having my 8:30 because of my 1hr+ commute to DIS everyday… but it’s ok because it gives me tons of time to do things in the afternoon!

After my classes, I went straight back to Hillerød, where I met up with my host family and we went to the town of Hørsholm. It was very quaint and cute–my host mom and I walked Bertram around while we waiting for the others to get out of a doctor’s appointment. We went to a local sandwich and juice shop, Kabanah, and got some really delicious food! I got an avocado, tomato, and mozzerella sandwich with a mango, apple, and pineapple juice. It was kind of like Joe & the Juice, but more affordable and so much better.

When we got home, I had invited EJ to come hang out with my friends that night, so we got ready to head back into Copenhagen! My host mom drove us into the city and then we took the metro to Kongens Nytorv, where my friends met up with us. We planned on going to this new food hall named Bolten, which was pretty close to the station. Everyone was really impressed by the food here (even though it cost 99 DKK, or $15, to get anything there). I got pad thai with shrimp, which is definitely something you don’t see in Copenhagen that often, so I loved it so much. EJ got some amazing pasta, my friend Kara got a really good vegan burger, and all my friends found really good options too! After dinner, we went back to Kara’s RC, a residential community that houses only DIS people. It was really fun for EJ to meet all of my friends and go out with us later that night!!

my pad thai from bolten… so delicious!


This day was pretty interesting. I got together with a couple other student from my Danish class to visit the Statens Museum of Kunst. My friend Kara and I first headed over to where we thought it was located, but when we arrived, we quickly realized it was actually one of their storage facilities and the real museum was located twenty minutes away :(…

When we finally arrived at the right location, we met up with three other students in our class and went into the art exhibit to discuss some of the paintings. Some of the topics we discussed was the importance of the Danish flag being used in celebrations vs. how the US flag is used and we also talked about what we think is typically Danish, from a present-day perspective. After our group met, Kara and I walked around the rest of the museum and found some very interesting art pieces…

I then went home to have sushi for dinner with my host mom and sister! Good way to end the night 🙂


Today was extremely long, but nothing really special. I had H&G in the morning, where we talked about the Jósefów Massacre and the idea that German soldiers ordered around by the Nazis were just ordinary men before the war.

The real kicker of today was my double lecture in my core course. Yes, you heard that right: double lecture. So instead of our two hour class, we were now scheduled to have a four hour class 🙂 For the past few weeks, most of our Thursday classes had been canceled, but to make up for this, they scheduled double lectures instead–this is very unusual for this course, but it definitely has its benefits… Ida, our TA ordered pizza for us during the Neurology lecture (which I actually really enjoyed, because the research I did this summer was focused on epilepsy, so I already knew a bunch of the info!). We were actually let out around an hour early after we practiced giving neuro consults to each other (checking the consciousness of patient, pupil reflex, peripheral vision, MMSE, GCS – Glasgow Coma Scale, etc.). I immediately crashed when I got home and stayed in bed and watched Netflix!


Again, I had my back-to-back classes. Today in photojournalism we had a guest teacher! He was able to show us some of his work and gave us some advice on how to approach/take photos of strangers, which was pretty helpful. He also was able to put me in contact with a ballerina in the Royal Danish Ballet to see if she would be interested in being the subject for my end of the year assignment, where we have to do three photoshoots of a stranger that interests us. Hopefully she says yes, but she hasn’t responded to the email yet so we’ll have to see. It would be so amazing if she said yes!

Later that night I went to another food hall place, Reffen, with my friends. This place was so so cool. They had about 20 different food stalls to choose from, it was a little overwhelming, but I’ll definitely have to return at one point in the future to try more. I got a steak burger, parmesan fries, and some ice cream while we were there, and it was one of the best meals I’ve had! Some of my friends got a burrito or a brownie sundae for dessert; there’s literally so many options for everyone!

We then went back to my friends’ RC and watched a Black Mirror episode!


Today was really exciting! I went into Copenhagen with my host family to go to a wedding reception for a family friend. It was very pretty and we got to eat a bunch of interesting Danish foods/appetizers. They had small salmon sandwiches, fried cheese ravioli, chicken skin chips (?), and what we believed to be small lobster or crab rolls–which was a nice reminder of Maine :). They also had a few other fish appetizers. EJ explained to me that appetizers in Denmark are usually fish and the main course is meat!

I had a really fun time meeting my host family’s friends and getting to know more Danes!


Today was also an exciting day! My host mom and I got up early to start preparing for the hygge lunch we were hosting for the Hillerød housing network. DIS allows host families to host meals for students in the area to help get everyone to know each other. My host mom made her infamous curry with chicken and we accompanied it with a bunch of fruit! It was so great getting to know more people in the neighborhood–I even found out that two students actually live about only 5 minutes away from me, who knew…

We also had two students from the local Folkehøjskole, which is a high school where some DIS students live with Danes. A lot of Danish students come here during their gap year to take unacademic classes (like cooking, dancing, music). A very interesting place to live, it sounded like they really had a great community there!

Everyone absolutely loved Bertram, and it was funny when we told them the two rules of the house: if you call Bertram “mush mush” you have to go walk him (lol) and no pepsi. It was interesting to learn about other people’s homestays and how different each one of them were. They all thought my host dad’s jokes were funny too–I bet he loved the new audience.

That’s all from me this week, see you guys on Friday!

Next week I will be going on my long study tour with my core course, so stay tuned for my trip to Berlin and Poznan!

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