I honestly can’t believe I have been in Denmark for five whole weeks, the time has really flown by so fast. I think the first few weeks of being here, there was so much to do and see, but now everything has slowed down a little bit, which I really appreciate… not to say having constant events and classes to attend is bad, but sometimes it’s nice to have a small break from the hustle and bustle. I think that’s what this week has given me and honestly I’ve still had a lot of fun, because I have hung out with my host family so much! 


So to start the day, I made some toast and studied on my train ride into Copenhagen. At the beginning of the semester, I really disliked having these hour long periods of commute, but now I really like them because they give me an option to study or just chill and watch Netflix for a bit. I had my first class of the day, H&G, and it was a really exciting class because we got to hear about our trip this weekend!! We will be traveling to Germany as a class this weekend to visit a few concentration camps. SO stay tuned for my trip this weekend and I’ll tell you even more about it!

Today was also my Medical Practice & Policy test, which I was super nervous about. Not because of the material, but because we hadn’t had a test yet. I wasn’t sure what the format would be like and I was a little worried about it being timed (I get very anxious about timed testing–so if you’re wondering the ACT/SAT really stressed me out). It turned out to not be so bad and was a huge relief when I finished! It was an even better day when I got home and my host mom had made a meat pie with bacon in it!! Really made my day 🙂


The next day I had Danish first, where we learned to count to fifty and learned a little about Danish history. Then I went to my Photojournalism class and turned in two projects: Short Study Tour (we had to take a photo of a stranger during core course week and write a little about the interaction) and My Copenhagen (choose a place in Copenhagen and try to make a story using some of the categories of photos we learned about in class). Then I had my Immunology test, which I did feel pretty rushed during and it wasn’t the easiest of tests, which I had anticipated…. So we’ll see how I did when we get the tests back. 

That night, EJ (my host sister) and I had dinner and then watched some Black Mirror episodes while my host brother played some video games. We were really craving some popcorn, so EJ was super excited to use her brand new driver’s license to drive us to the store and get some! Everyone here drives a manual car, unlike the US where most people drive automatic, so I am very proud of her driving skills, which are probably much better than mine! Another strange thing here is they don’t have buttered popcorn, only salted. So after we popped some of the popcorn, I melted some butter and poured it on top, which made it super yummy. Later in the night, we went and picked up my host dad from the train station–he just got back from a weekend trip to Amsterdam! He even brought us back some treats. I got a huge bag of M&Ms and my host brother got literally the cutest and tiniest boxes of tic tacs I’d ever seen.


Today I had a field study to the Novo Nordisk headquarters for my Immunology course. Novo Nordisk is a pharmaceutical company that is well-known for their insulin production. We got to hear from one of their senior scientists and something interesting is they’re actually in the process of getting approved by the FDA to have an oral medication for diabetes instead of insulin injections, which is really amazing and a major step in this field! We also got to tour some of the labs and it felt like we were in some kind of futuristic laboratory, because there were robots that were able to pipette tons of cell arrays in minutes. Really a cool experience.

I got home that night and my host mom invited me to zumba with her! The class was so much fun and it was so nice to be able to dance again. I haven’t danced since this summer and was missing it so much, so I was so happy when she invited me! Afterwards, we were pretty exhausted and went home to a meal cooked by host dad–chicken wrapped in bacon YUM. I then watched Spiderman: Homecoming with my host dad and mom and it was a nice end to the night!


Today I had H&G again where we learned more about the Holocaust and the euthanisa of children and adults with hereditary illnesses. Really a tough topic to talk and teach about, but my professor explains and lectures in a very meaningful and impactful way.

What I was most excited to do today was go to salsa! My host mom invited me and a few of my friends to go to a beginner’s salsa class and it was such a fun night! My friends and I were able to learn the basics and then immediately were able to start dancing with partners. It’s so cool how there’s such a big salsa scene here–you just need to know where to look. I’m so glad my host mom invited me 🙂


Today I had classes again! But they were pretty normal and I was pretty tired from staying out late the night before, so my friends and I just chilled for most of the day after classes.

Later at night we made plans to go to Tivoli! This is the beautiful amusement park that’s in Copenhagen and it a must-do while studying abroad here. The park is set to close down on Sunday until Halloween so my friends and I wanted to make sure we went before then. The park was SO much fun and we ended up getting dinner at the food haul they had inside the park. Even though I did end up spending quite a lot of money that night it was still a really great experience. I was able to have great food and see some ballet while at such a beautiful place. There were even peacocks roaming around the park :o! 10/10 recommend doing while in Copenhagen.

There was a free concert that night for a Danish singer, so the park was absolutely packed with Danish teens, but my friends and I decided to head in a bit early. I had to get up for my H&G trip the next day (I am currently writing this on the bus ride to Hamburg, so I will update soon about the weekend!!).

Stay tuned!

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