The last two days of core course week were pretty chill and undemanding. We only had a few things to do, unlike the previous days which were pretty jam-packed. I also thought I would include the weekend since there wasn’t much to the last few days!


We completed a Patient Trajectory Workshop that allowed us to take patient scenarios in Germany and Poland (where we will be traveling over our long study tour). It was cool to see the difference of health care in Denmark, Germany, and Poland. These countries are so close, but each have such different healthcare systems.

After the workshop, we headed over to the hospital for our class in ENT-ear, nose, and throat. Pretty interesting class. We did a lot of case studies and had to run through figuring our the history for the ear, nose, and throat separately. Some the diseases we learned about were tonsillitis, otitis media (middle ear infection), epiglottitis (swelling of the epiglottis in throat), and epistaxis (nose bleed). After class I went home and watched Tangled with my host brother! Really cozy/hygge night 🙂


Today we visited the Panum Institute, which is the medical school in Copenhagen! The place was so modern and packed with studious students. We were here with our TA to go on a scavenger hunt in the microbiology lab, a room where they keep preserved organs/parts of bodies for medical students to look at while studying. We had to go to certain cases and identify the nerve, muscle, or bone that was indicated by a color sequence on the tissue. Due to obvious reasons, I wasn’t able to take photos, but I was able to take some of the medical school!! A classmate and I then went and studied a bit for some tests we have next week. I have two tests: one for Medical Practice and Policy and one for Immunology. I am not super worried about the material because we haven’t covered a lot so far, but they are timed (30-40 minutes) and I get pretty stressed with time constraints…


Today was so fun and relaxing! It was finally sunny and warm outside, so my host mom suggested we go on a walk with Bertram (our dog) to the Frederiksborg castle garden. We stopped first to buy some flødeboller, which is a Danish sweet that has fluff in the middle. You can get it in coconut, raspberry, regular, mocha, and even licorice (EW!) After we ate some nachos at a local cafe (where I got to take more photos of strangers for photojournalism!), got on a ferry that brought us to the garden. We walked around for a bit and went to another cafe on the edge of the garden to get some coffee and hot chocolate 🙂 All in all, very nice and sweet day. I went out with some friends later that night on a party bus, which is pretty cool! It’s basically a school bus that is renovated into a dance floor and you can play music while driving around Copenhagen–definitely a really cool experience!


I woke up the next morning and had the most amazing breakfast ever: bacon and eggs!! If you know me, then you know I LOVE bacon… my host family and I were so full afterwards we didn’t have room for the crepes/pancakes my host mom had planned to make.

For the rest of the day I mainly studied for my tests for the upcoming week and then had dinner. Not a super exciting day, but it was nice to be home and be around family. After dinner that night, we ended up having crepes–which we put lemon and sugar on them, something I have never done before–and facetimed my mom and grandma (shout out to y’all–miss you 🙂 )!! We hadn’t facetimed yet since I have been here because I have been so busy, so it was nice to show my actual family around the house and let them meet my host mom and siblings.

That’s about it for the weekend! It was really filled with lots of studying in between these activities because I was worried about my tests…but it’s now Tuesday and to be honest, I didn’t have much to worry about, I wayy over prepared.

See ya at the end of the week for an update!

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