I had a great time this weekend with my DIS friends! We took a mini cruise, which was super cheap, to Oslo and back over the weekend. We got on the ship on Friday, went to Oslo on Saturday, and returned to Copenhagen on Sunday.


My friends and I got on the boat around 3:45 and we immediately explored the boat, even though we were all pretty exhausted. Most of us had been been on a cruise before so we were so excited to see everything. Most of the restaurants on the boat were very expensive so we decided to bring food onto the boat for most of our meals. But there was a tax-free shop on the boat, which was pretty cool to go inside–also a nice change from the 25% tax rate in Copenhagen!! We also had the teeniest room, but my friends and I decided it was fine and we would just use it to sleep in lol…

We hung out in the club on the boat last night, which was a lot of fun even though we were really the only young people there that night. It was okay though because we were able to dance to a live singer. We all quickly fell asleep to the rocking boat, which we loved.


The boat intercom woke us up at 8 am!! Crazy, I know. We then immediately went back to sleep and woke up about an hour later to go get coffee and then start exploring Oslo for six hours (we found out this is really all you need to explore Oslo tbh).

We all were so hungry so we immediately went to a food haul place one of my friends had looked up before hand. Even though I still wasn’t feeling my best on the trip it was still fun to walk and explore the city. We found a street filled with graffiti and had a little photo op on our way to the food haul:

After our little photo op and stop at the food haul place, we went and scootered our way to the Munch museum to see The Scream painting! The scootering was so much fun and is such a big thing over here. All of my friends and I went by twos on the scooters so it was bit of a wild, rainy ride to the museum… when we got to the museum the painting was well worth the wait. How beautiful!

After the museum we went to the National Opera house in Oslo, where we able to walk on top of the building to get to the top. This was such a cool experience, the building was made of marble and because of the rain it made it look a bit scary to climb up, but we made the trip safely!

By this time, we had already gone through five of our hours and were pretty hungry again, so we stopped by a local mall to find some cheap food to bring back on the boat.

We were all so exhausted again when we got back to the boat we all took long naps. When we woke up, we went out to the hot tubs on the pool deck and stayed there to relax for awhile, which was so nice because we were walking all over Oslo earlier in the day. We even got to meet some Danish people traveling back to Copenhagen at the pool and talked to them for about an hour. The rest of the night we all just hung out together and in the club on the boat, which more young people had shown up to that night. I went to bed a bit earlier than all my friends because I was still feeling kind of sick, but they all had so much fun dancing and meeting other Danes!


This day was mainly just us waking up and getting off the boat… we all really wanted to stay in bed, but alas… they would have kicked us out 😦 We had so much fun on this trip and might want to do it again later to go skiing which would be so much fun!

NOW I am on my way to another city (to be announced soon) for my core course week, which I will also explain in my next post!! Expect to hear a lot from me this week 🙂

Hej, hej!!

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