Back again! This week I’ve still been sick, so this might be a quick overview of the week BUT I’m had lots of adventures to blog about in my next post because I’m traveled to Oslo this past weekend!! I would have posted this blog on Friday, but I ended up not having really any internet access on my trip to Oslo, so today’s gonna be a double post 🙂


I had my Holocaust and Genocide class, which was interesting as usual, but what really made my academic day great was my core course. About half way through class, after we had learned a little more about diagnosing a patient, one of our teachers went out and found an actual patient for us to ask questions to and later write a medical journal about. It was a really great experience, the patient was so sweet and welcoming–they could definitely tell it was our first time asking a patient questions about their condition. This whole experience was just so cool and gave us a great glimpse into what a future in medicine might look like: asking the patient vague questions and then later asking more direct onesto assign them a correct diagnosis. After this we also had our first “cake list” day!! Our TA, Ida, brought us some cinnamon bread and it was absolutely delicious.

Our TA, Ida, brought us cinnamon bread during our break! SO yummy. We were learning how to diagnose a patient.

I then went home and had an even more amazing dinner. My host mom cooked us some coconut curry with chicken and rice. I have never been a huge fan of indian food, but she completely converted me that night.

Best food I have had in Denmark so far. So amazing and spicy :):) This is my host mom and brother!

We then had a pretty chill night… I discovered that they have the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on Danish netflix soooo I immediately started binge watching it before bed and then quickly fell asleep.


These were the few days that I started to get pretty sick again, my strep throat came back which was very sad. BUT it was definitely okay because my host parents were so amazing and helpful. After school on Tuesday, I returned home and went immediately to bed. I started to feel very bad at the end of the night, so my host dad brought me to the hospital (only because all the other doctors’ offices were closed) to see if I could get some different antibiotics–I found out I was allergic to penicillin last week, so I hadn’t been able to take anymore.

Unfortunately, we found out that my strep was actually viral and I no longer had a fever, so I couldn’t get any antibiotics. In the end this was ok, I just slept a lot these two days. I took a lot of DayQuil/NyQuil, which I definitely recommend bringing because they don’t have these types of medicines in Denmark. Before studying abroad, I almost didn’t bring this type of medicine because I never really get sick, but last minute I changed my mind, and thank goodness I did! With the rapid change of temperature from hot to cold to sunny to rainy, it’s very easy to get sick right when you move here. A couple of my friends also got colds within the first two weeks. So it is VERY important you bring these medicines especially if you don’t have a host family or a CPR number*** yet. Otherwise it might be difficult to go the hospital/see a doctor. I really don’t know what I would have done without my host parents–this really made me appreciate them for taking care of me only after knowing me for two weeks.

**** A CPR number is like a social security number in the US. It allows the hospitals to look up your past medical history, etc. But it also gives you access to Denmark’s free healthcare system, so without this you have to pay for your visits to a clinic. Here is where you can find out more. I would definitely recommend reading this before coming to DIS.


These were pretty normal days as well. Nothing too special, I still wasn’t feeling my best.

On Thursday, I had H&G, this week we started talking about the Holocaust and went a little bit into the background of Hitler and the Nazis. It was really interesting because there’s a lot that you don’t get taught about the Holocaust–other major things that happened during this time. We also talked about how in some countries and people deny the Holocaust happened. Either because of their “revisionism” or because of their anti-semitism (Islamic Public of Iran). Some people literally deny the Holocaust because of the doors in the gas chambers at the extermination camps!!

My core course class was cancelled, so a few classmates and I met up to work on the case study assignment we were assigned on Monday. It isn’t due until two weeks from now but we thought we might as well finish it.

On Friday, I had my three other classes and then stayed in Copenhagen so I could go with my friends on a cruise to Oslo!! You’ll have to read the next blog about this trip because it was so much fun and it was great that I started to feel better.

Hej hej!

2 thoughts on “Sick week // Week 3

  1. I have been reading about all your adventures. It looks like you’re having a good time. Just stay well and get enough rest. Miss you sooooo much. Love Grandma Kay


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