Hej hej everyone! 

I know by reading the title of this blog you might be a little worried… but no fear this was one of the best weekends so far! This weekend has gone by so fast and has been so different from any experience I have had in Copenhagen so far–I couldn’t wait to blog about it. Fair warning this post might be a liiittle long…


Even though I had classes today, it really felt like the start of the weekend. Two of my classes were cancelled (my Danish and Photojournalism class) to make time for us to complete class projects, and the third was just very different compared to our usual classroom settings (I’ll get to that in a bit).

My day started off by traveling to Assistens Kirkegård, a famous Danish cemetery, to meet up with some other girls in my Danish class. We had to research eight different famous people who were buried in this cemetery and record a video about our research in front of their graves. I know what you must be thinking, why on earth would this ever be an assignment for students?? Well in Denmark, the cemeteries are actually very beautiful and many people often go on walks in them during the day! So while it still wasn’t extremely normal for my group to wander around the cemetery filming videos, we weren’t completely out of place. I was actually completely amazed by the beauty of this cemetery as well as the actual graves. We also were given some money by our teacher to go have some coffee afterwards!

While filming for my Danish class, I was also completing a project for my Photojournalism class: taking pictures of strangers!! This was extremely nerve-wracking, but in the end so much fun. I had to go up to people and ask if I could take a photo of them for an assignment, and while I got many people who said yes, there were a couple who said no. The task wasn’t to have the most beautiful photograph, it was to get comfortable going up to strangers. I really enjoyed this experience, it was so cool. It made me get out of my comfort zone and be more confident. Here are a few snapshots of some of the strangers I took photos of…each photo I had such a different conversation with the person, and I hope all the people I took photos of felt flattered and happy after I approached them. I hope I made their day 🙂

Next, I had Immunology, which was also another amazing class. The past few classes had felt a lot similar to my courses back at Bowdoin–lecture based, lots of readings, and tons of material being thrown at you while in class. But when we showed up to class, my teacher had come up with the most amazing plan. She proposed that since our section was much smaller than the other Immunology section, then we could have class outside at a local cafe while the weather was nice and she would buy us all cappuccinos! Everyone was so engaged in the lesson that day. Because the setting was more intimate, we all felt more comfortable asking questions and she was able to really explain the material well. I learned so much in this class and felt really accomplished by the end. I can’t wait until we do this again!

That was about it for today… I went home to Hillerød after class and met up with my host sister. We watched some Netflix and then started to get ready for a party her Gymnasium, a three-year school that is basically in-between our high school and college where you can specialize in a certain subject–EJ’s subject is languages! The dance/party was actually a lot of fun, I got to meet so many of her Danish friends and listen to a lot of popular Danish songs.

A kagemand cake! Kind of scary looking, but pretty delicious.


Saturday was pretty fun, but mostly chill! My host family and I traveled to Copenhagen to attend a housewarming for one of my family’s close friends, a daughter that was around my age (Emma). The get together was super cute, and I got to try some tasty Danish snacks. They had gotten a traditional celebratory cake–Kagemand, a Danish pastry shaped like a person that had little gummies all over it–and some elderflower punch, which was super good.

It was so nice meeting friends of my host family! They were all so nice. There was a particularly funny moment when one of the grandmothers looked at me and asked someone in Danish, “Is she Irish (maybe it was Italian, I can’t remember), why is she so pale??” Everyone burst out laughing, and once the question was explained to me in English, I was laughing too. It was just pretty hilarious that everyone around me looked ‘sun-kissed,’ and I had barely seen the sun all summer, because Louisiana is too hot! We laughed about this for the rest of the visit and when we said good-bye the grandmother still couldn’t get over how pale I was LOL. 

For the rest of the night EJ and I hung out with the girls whose new apartment we were celebrating and we went out together that night to a dance club, which was a lot of fun! 


The next morning started pretty harshly and hilariously… I got locked in Emma’s bathroom! It was pretty early in the morning, and I woke up before everyone else to use the bathroom. It wasn’t until I was trying to leave that I realized the door handle was broken, and I was locked in. I started knocking on the door and suddenly heard some of the girls speaking frantically in Danish, because they were confused why there was knocking coming from the bathroom. After a few minutes we finally got me out, but for a second there I thought I was gonna be stuck for a long time! 

We kind of relaxed for the rest of the day and then went out to eat for dinner. We went to an all you can eat sushi restaurant! The food was absolutely delicious, but I did have to rush a little bit because my DIS friends and I had planned to rent a boat to ride in the canals at 6 pm and dinner was at 4:45… no worries though we still had a super yummy meal.

The starters for our mountains of sushi that was to come! Edamame, seaweed salad, and spring rolls 🙂

The rest of the night I spent riding in the canals and hanging out with my DIS friends. It was a bit chilly on the water, but the views were spectacular. I definitely recommend doing this at one point with friends. We rented the boat for two hours and had loads of fun. We brought a speaker and just roamed around using the map!

Well that’s all from me tonight! Before I go, I also wanted to announce one more thing…. I was chosen to be an official DIS Copenhagen student blogger! I was told on Friday, but was waiting until our training today to spread the news. I am so excited that I will be blogging for DIS. Leading up to studying abroad, I read so many different student blogs and found them extremely helpful, so I’m hoping I can do the same for someone else!

Please let me know if you have any questions! I am beyond happy to answer them.

Hej hej! (this means both hi and bye in Danish!!)

2 thoughts on “Graveyards, strangers, and boats… oh my!

  1. Alicia. What an exciting adventure. The cemetery is awesome. Since I love family research I’ve always wanted to see the cemeteries in Poland. I’m glad to see your blog. I’m wondering what each day will be for you.


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