I am back from the dead everyone!

I have fully recovered from strep and am ready to explore so much more of Copenhagen. This week has been full of new discoveries and explorations already. 

Monday was a pretty chill day. I went to my class Holocaust and Genocide where we started to discuss peoples’ interpretations of the definition of a genocide and how some have structured genocides into “stages.” This class was really interesting and the professor even let us out thirty minutes early! I hope this becomes a common thing… I then went to lunch with a friend who is currently visiting from Bowdoin! He and his girlfriend had just finished a biking tour from Sweden, which is honestly so cool. He’s going to stay in town until next Monday, so I’ve been able to hang out with him a couple of times since then. After lunch I got to attend my core course, which was filled with really interesting information on how physicians write medical journals and we were even taught how to conduct a first clinical meeting with a patient!

Tuesday was jammed packed with activities. I had Danish in the morning, followed by my other two courses (Photojournalism and Immunology). Classes were pretty ordinary today, but still interesting nonetheless. Afterwards, my friends and I went swimming in the canal near one of my friend’s kollegium, another form of housing at DIS where you can live with Americans and Danes in apartment styled rooms! Copenhagen’s canals are so clean you’re able to swim in them! So many Danes had the same idea and were also at the canals–one even jumped in fully nude at one point (maybe a dare?). This is something I’ll definitely have to get used to because it’s pretty common for Danish people to sunbathe topless, which isn’t normal in the US. Afterwards we went to a local pub for some burgers and beer, and I got to see the famous Nyhavn street. It’s so beautiful, but SO filled with tourists. I’m so happy I’m finally getting able to have my own photos of Copenhagen for my blog, instead of using stock photos!

This is the canal where my friends and I went swimming, and on the right is Nyhavn street! It was filled with so many tourists and cute canal restaurants.

WEDNESDAY was my first field study with my Danish class! We actually got to visit the city where I live, Hillerød, which means I didn’t have to make my hour long commute… YAY! In Hillerød, we visited the beautiful Frederiksborg Castle. When I say beautiful, I really mean it. This was the first castle I’ve ever seen, so I loved the experience. It’s crazy to think that this grand building was built before this time, where now we have so many workers and fancy equipment to make building way easier. My friend and I were just amazed at all the archways and spiral staircases that looked like they were built with incredible ease and artistry. Inside the castle, was one of the most beautiful churches I’d ever seen. Look at the ceilings! How were they able to construct such beauty without the equipment we have now?? My host parents told me later they even got married there… what a dream! I think the most beautiful aspect was the garden, but unfortunately we didn’t get to tour it due to time, but I will definitely be coming back there for a picnic or to go on a walk.

After the field study, I returned to Copenhagen to attend DIS’s activities fair and immediately returned to my homestay because I was exhausted. For dinner we had really yummy burgers, which I learned they eat here by using a fork and knife, something I really had to get used to at dinner… they probably thought it was pretty funny watching me attempt to cut my burger. We then watched Good Will Hunting, my favorite movie, but I fell asleep towards the end. Altogether, still a really nice and cozy experience.

Today was also a little more relaxed! I only had my H&G class today, which I absolutely loved. We were looking at the Armenian genocide. Although my teacher is more of a lecturer, he is one of the best lecturers I’ve ever had for history. You can tell the thought he puts into his words as well as emotion. He really makes his lectures impactful and meaningful. Afterwards, my friend and I visited the Copenhagen public library, which again was stunning. It’s really amazing how beautiful public spaces are in Copenhagen compared to some public spaces in the US. I’m looking forward to finding more places to study like these!

The Copenhagen public library near DIS

Well, I have to start my Immunology readings for tomorrow now, so I need to wrap this up. Tomorrow’s going to be pretty exciting! I’m traveling to a graveyard with some of my Danish classmates in order to report on some of the famous people that are buried there. Apparently Danish graveyards are supposed to be very pretty. I will also be taking photos of strangers for my Photojournalism class–hopefully I’m brave enough to ask some people! 

Until next time! I’ll leave you with some cute pictures of my host dog Bertram, I love the cuddles with him 🙂

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