I might’ve lied in my last post saying I wouldn’t blog until I arrived in Copenhagen (oops!), BUT I’ve recently started packing, and I realized there’s not as many packing lists out there as I thought. I am usually a huge culprit of over-packing, but making this list really helped me out. I would highly recommend making a very specific packing list, down to the actual article of clothing, in order for you to not end up over-packing. This really helped put me in the right perspective and made me realize the amount of clothing I was originally trying to pack was unrealistic and unnecessary. Also I wanted to leave room to bring back some items as well! Here is my list.

I am packing my things in one backpack, a carry on suitcase, and one large checked bag (getting under the 50 lb limit will be very nerve wracking!). I honestly would have packed smaller items that wouldn’t have taken up much space (leggings, t-shirts, casual items), but I’ve heard that Copenhagen is pretty fashionable (but still comfortable), and I don’t want to stand out while I’m there. I’ll update y’all if that’s super true or not.

Also going back to my last post, I am really looking forward to trying new foods abroad. I attached a vlog from some of my favorite Youtubers when they visited CPH.

Kate and Nate’s Danish food tour! Covers a lot of interesting and yummy options in Copenhagen

I noted a few places that looked really good to me, and I can’t wait to try them out. I don’t know about y’all, but Grød (kind of an interesting twist on porridge) looks so so good. I think this might be one of the first places I try and visit while in the city! You guys should definitely checkout some of their other vlogs on Copenhagen–I found them really interesting.

Another vlog on CPH! They visit Christiania, which if you haven’t heard about, it’s basically a self-governed commune within the city of Copenhagen.

Well that’s all from me today, see ya in Copenhagen!

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