It’s exactly two weeks until I leave for Copenhagen, and I can’t help but feel jittery, nervous, and excited! I don’t think it really set in until about three days ago (when my host family reached out to me) that I am actually going to be studying abroad. Until then it felt like it was just going to be another ordinary semester at Bowdoin, but now it’s real! My host family sounds so amazing and has already been so welcoming to me. I am going to have a host sister, brother, and even a dog named Bertram (I am a huge dog lover, so I am particularly excited for some doggy cuddles)!

Traveling to Copenhagen is going to be my first actual trip outside of the country and to be honest I haven’t even started getting my things together. Not a real surprise there, I’m a bit of a procrastinator when it comes to these types of things. I even went to Target today to buy a universal adapter, as any responsible student would do, and I ended up leaving with two pairs of new jeans instead. Hmm… I think that’ll be a task for tomorrow. 

You’re probably wondering who I am at this point, because all you know right now is that I’m a procrastinator, and I like dogs. I guess I’m not painting the best picture of myself, so I can tell y’all a few more things! I was born and raised in Louisiana, which I think is one of the most unique states in the country. I grew up attending crawfish boils, going to Mardi Gras parades, and learning how to deal with the humid, humid summers. It’s funny that even though I lived in a state where spice and soul is the foundation for all meals, I didn’t started craving these tastes until after I moved to Maine for college–before then, I would hardly touch the food! I have a feeling that this blog will frequently mention my picky taste buds for the better or worse, so y’all better buckle up and prepare for the roller coaster of foods I am intending to try while abroad!

A few other things about me:


As a freshman, I joined my school’s rowing team as a coxswain (I’m quite the shorty and pretty loud). Racing with my team has been one of my favorite activities while in college. I have honestly felt like the rowing team has been my second family at Bowdoin–the team is incredibly supportive and fun. We mainly race 4’s at regattas such as the Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston and the DadVail in Philadelphia. The past semester I was a coxswain for the Men’s 2nd Varsity Boat and we ended up winning the New England Rowing Championships in our division, which was an incredible experience!

My boat with our past coach after we won gold at the NERCs!


I have danced since I was three years old and am currently a Dance minor at my school. In high school I danced ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap, and hip-hop. I was in a competitive jazz dance group, Endeavor Dance, as well as a ballet company, Shreveport Metropolitan Ballet. I love the creativity of dance, as well as the level of dedication needed to master the art. Although I didn’t pursue dance as a career, I wanted to keep it in my studies, which is why I’m minoring in dance and I’m also involved with a dance group on campus. My host mom also loves dance. Her styles include ballroom, Salsa, and Bachata–three styles I’ve never been exposed to, so I’m so excited to maybe learn from her!

A snapshot of me in one of my favorite roles in high school: the Mouse King in the Nutcracker!

This is just a little about me, you’ll have to stay tuned if you want to find out more! 😉

In just a few days I will be heading to Copenhagen and one of my favorite things to do leading up to my departure has been reading past DIS student blogs and watching travel vlogs, so I know most of my readers will be other students doing the same thing. Fingers crossed that I’m able to give y’all a small glance into the study abroad experience at DIS Copenhagen!

Speaking of travel vlogs, I think I might go watch a few before calling it a night. Hopefully next time I blog, I’ll have packed my bags, arrived safely in Copenhagen, and have enjoyed a lovely first meal with my host family. Stay tuned, I promise all my blogs won’t be this long!

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